The Chaos Cultists can be found almost anywhere the Imperium has spread. At first glance they are indistinguishable from normal men, but under their clothes, the flesh is tattooed and branded with sigils that hurt the eyes of any faithful who look upon them. When the Chaos Space Marines come to a planet, the true colours of the Cultists are revealed. 

The Chaos Cultists are garbed in ragged cloaks, macabre masks and sinister-looking hoods, and display an array of intricate features from studs and straps to daggers, wires and pouches. These exceptionally detailed snap-fit models carry a mixture of close combat weapons and ranged weapons, including spiked maces, flails, autoguns and auto pistols. 

This kit includes 10 components and five Citadel 25mm Round bases with which to make 5 Chaos Cultists.

Armies Chaos Space Marines

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Chaos Cultists - 35-34

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