Now known to all her regulars as Miss Whiplash, if you want to know why she has this nick-name then you’ll have to visit!!!!

Maria originally started the shop with her partner, Jeff, in 2002. Before that they ran two garages, servicing cars and serving petrol, an unusual job for a lady! Jeff tragically died in 2007 and, after much encouragement from customers and friends, she decided to make a go of it on her own. The shop has evolved over the past few years into what it has become today. It has almost doubled in size, there are over 9000 products, a website, shows and events, and even a model club that meets fortnightly! Maria is full of ideas and projects, there is always something going on in her head (it’s big enough) and on top of all that, it pains me to say, she does actually know her stuff!

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