James May's Toy Stories

YOU DID IT !!!! You helped JAMES MAY and HORNBY complete the amazing feat of getting, not one, but three, Locos 10 miles cross country from Barnstaple to Bideford via the Tarka Trail! If that was not enough you did it

​TWICE ! The help you gave to the Germans get from Bideford to Barnstaple was amazing too!

 The winner was, of course,  Buffers (because we had a foot, actually several feet, in both camps!!!)!

You walked, you cycled and some of you ran! You mad, crazy, clever fools! They could not, indeed would not, have done it without your expertise, or bluff in some cases, but which ever, whatever, who cares? You lot know you did it!!!

On top of that some of you made two fantastic layouts, with brilliant help from the Scouts of Barnstaple and Bideford. These were completed so that the Locos could arrive at the stations in style and, WOW!, what amazing layouts they were and made in such a short space of time.

We are so happy with everyone’s achievements especially now that we can cancel our tickets to Timbuktu !!( sorry……you’ll have to put up with us a little while yet!).

Just think back to the moment you came in the shop and were asked to take the FITNESS test (touching toes) and asked whether you were free on the 16th! 

No your luck wasn’t in although we did want your body! You said YES to the 6am start, you said YES to walking/cycling/running 10 miles, you said YES to building a layout, in fact you said YES to everything!!(If only we had a man like that!!!)

You did it all in the name of Buffers, we cannot express to you enough how proud and humble we are, you are simply the best! True Bufferites and friends!



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