Chipping & Repair Service

Mr Chippy and Mr Oily, do they need a bath!!

Mr Chippy and Mr Oily are actually the same person, we thought we would split him in two, he is Mr Chippy when carrying out DCC installations and Mr Oily when servicing or doing other things to your locomotives. So, his real name is Robert, often referred to as Roberto, or other names when we desire to!!

We should also point out that Robert is also responsible for producing name plates and transfers for your locomotives, or other models, such as lorries, cars, ships, etc - the list is endless.

Over the years we have tried many methods of how to control the influx of repairs in and out of the shop and have finally concluded that the best way is for customers to deal direct with Robert.

Robert graces us with his presence in the shop once a month, (see his dates on the “Whats On” page). This is when you can bring your items along to the shop and hand them to him, he will then decide if the chipping/repair can be done on the spot or he will let you know the best way forward.

You can, if you wish, ring or email him direct on the details below, however, we believe that he is nocturnal and only accepts calls in the evening, so please do not ring in the day.

Mr Chippy (Robert) (DCC Chip Installations)

Mr Chippy has many years of experience and will install chips in most types of locomotives including split chassis, old Mainline, 

Airfix, Lima and old Hornby locomotives. 

Although the costs start at £10.00, plus the chip, this

 is for a straightforward conversion of a DCC ready locomotive. As you can appreciate the more complex the transition from DC to DCC the more expensive it becomes. We will, however, do our utmost to keep the cost to a minimum.

Please note: any locomotive that does not run well on DC may require servicing, which will be charged at the service rate below.

Mr Oily (Robert again) (Repairs)

Mr Oily, again with many years of experience, can service any locomotive at a standard cost of £10.00 plus parts. We will also 

repair most locomotives providing we can get any parts that may be required. We do specialise in repairing, rather than replacing 

parts, in other words, if a part can be repaired then we like to do that rather than having the customer pay a fortune for spares. This, however, is not always the case, but we will do our best. Again, if the repair is time consuming, then the costs will increase, but we will do our best to keep costs to a minimum.
If we cannot repair your locomotive then there will be a minimum charge of £5 for trying or attempting to repair it. If you bring your locomotive in on the day that Robert is in the shop, then he may be able to make that decision before you leave it in his capable hands.

Remember we have a very clever happy chappy who will have a go at anything, within reason.

Nameplates and Transfers (Robert again)


We manufacture our own nameplates for most 'OO' and 'O' scale models, our range includes replica plates for old Hornby-Tri-ang and Wrenn locomotives.

We can even produce personalised plates. ie with your name on them. All the nameplates are self adhesive, simply peel off the backing and fix them onto the locomotive. There is no need for glue, therefore, no mess.

Robert's Contact Details.

Email :robert.train@talktalk.net

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