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This area is where you will find downloadable versions of our popular 'how to' series and more will be added when time permits. All of the downloads are in PDF format so you will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat or Mozilla's Foxit in order to read and print them.

The 'how tos' are full colour and heavily populated with photographs and diagrams so may take some time to download. Please note the downloadable versions do not have the refund coupon found on the ones sold in the shop.

If there is any thing that you would like to see produced, please get in touch via our contact page (please note that you will not need to contribute any information to the 'how to' of your suggestion).

Current publications:

This 'how to' covers track laying, ballasting, tips, techniques and includes a list of the products used for quick reference. A subject often filled with dread, we'll show you the simplest way to improve the look of any model railway track without any of the nightmares so often talked about.

Close couplings
A popular subject - how do you get that prototypical coupling between rolling stock? Here we explain the types of coupling available and include a chart of the results possible with commercially available products including those from Hornby, Bachmann and Kadee.

Live frog points explained
Dispelling some myths and simple mistruths, this 'how to' explains why the serious modeller should consider live frog points, especially if using DCC. The publication also includes some modifications to further improve performance and includes wiring for point motor operation.

Fitting point motors
Full instructions and tips on fitting the three most popular turnout point motors on the market today. Plenty of tips to improve operation first time, every time. Also includes operation options. Covers Hornby, Peco and Seep point motors.

Wiring the Hornby turntable
As the supplied Hornby instructions are a little confusing, we have a single sheet wiring diagram that will ensure your turntable will work faultlessly every time.

DCC fitting into our exclusive Halls
This useful little 'how to' explains the process of fitting a DCC decoder into our exclusive Hall class locomotives but the basic information also applies to most DCC ready locomotives. Covers removing the body, decoder installation and advanced tips to get the best from your Hall class locomotive. Please note that the Bachmann decoder shown in this how to is no longer available and you will need to use a Gaugemaster Opti DCC26.


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