• Panther Tank Manual (Hardback)

The German Panther is arguably the finest medium tank of the Second World War and one of the greatest ever built. Combining unmatched firepower, armour protection and mobility it was the primary nemesis of the Russian T-34 tank on the Eastern Front.

Author Mark Healy looks at the development, construction and fighting qualities of the Panther, as well as including insights into what it was like to operate and maintain. He focuses on the surviving Panther Ausf A at the German Armour Museum, Munster, and the UK Tank Museum’s Panther Ausf G.

Author: Mark Healy is the author of the Haynes T-34 Tank Manual as well as Midway 1942, The Tiger Tank Story and Zitadelle: The German Offensive against the Kursk Salient 14–17 July 1943. He also produced the best-selling video series Die Deutschen Panzer. He lives in Dorset.

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Panther Tank Manual (Hardback)

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