Rolling Stock

Bring motion to your layout by adding Rolling Stock

For most people the Locomotives, Coaches and wagons that make up a train formation are central to their vision of the layout they want to build and these movable items add passing interest to the person viewing the layout.

The number of different options available to the modeller are vast. You can choose to run a specific region requiring adhesion to a particular livery and can even narrow your choices to a specific period in history which in turn specifies whether you have Diesel or steam traction.

But of course it does not end there; you can also build your stock around passenger movement or freight delivery and indeed most railway enthusiasts agree that a mix of the two offers the best running experiences.

Having this many options means that you can build a model railway from any part of the country or indeed world and pick a time period in which it was set.

You can also choose how much detail you want as most items come with detailing kits that allow the addition of dummy couplings, brake rodding and service pipework. Most of the manufactures like Bachmann, Oxford Rail and Graham Farish offer very detailed models straight out of the box.

Current manufacturing is not just skin deep though. The paint finish and regional branding applied to the outer body are just the start. Unlike the not so scale models of the past, modern day production includes vastly superior motors, bogies and electrical pickups that not only allow the engines to pull more efficiently but also at much slower, more prototypical and smoother speeds.

The advent of Digital Command Control (DCC) which actually goes back to the early 1980s, also allows modellers to control more than one loco on the same piece of track and whilst DCC is not suitable for everyone it can and does add extra dimensions to running the setup including controllable sound.

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