• OO / HO Flexible Track Holder

Proses FT-HO-01 OO / HO Flexible Track Holder

Flexible track is very useful but its tendency to straighten up makes track laying difficult unless it can be held in position.

This new Flexible Track Holding Tool keeps your flexible track in the desired curve temporarily before fixing it permanently.

You can even hold the track in your hands, off the baseboard, without it losing its curves!

Suitable for Peco, Hornby, Jouef, Mehano, Piko and most HO/OO track

Pack contains two tools and can be used in conjunction with PT-HO-01 adjustable parallel track tool and PT-HO-02 67mm parallel track tool.

A video demonstrating the use of the Proses track tools will be seen by clicking on the right hand small picture above.

Gauge OO, HO, O-16.5/On30

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OO / HO Flexible Track Holder

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  • Brand: Proses
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